Introducing SKA - SSH Key Authority

by Krystian Zubel in Articles

The Opera IT department keeps all of our services online. In their work, they need to manage thousands of servers. Today, one of their tools that is used for SSH Access Control becomes Open Source - check out how it could make your life simpler!

An introduction to the Web Bluetooth API

An introduction to the Web Bluetooth API

by Shwetank Dixit in Articles

Đánh bài quỳThere is an explosion of electronic devices nowadays. What if we could communicate with them through a web browser? The Web Bluetooth API allows you to interact with many Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled devices.

Release the Beacons!

Release the Beacons!

by Bruce Lawson in Articles

Đánh bài quỳNorway is the nation that gave the world the and the , so it’s easy to see that R&D is a national tradition here. Today, Opera R&D released a labs build of Opera for Android with URL beacon detection.


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